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Affordable Engagement Rings
Made With Synthetic Simulated Diamonds

In today's economy, finding the money to buy that desired fine gemstone is often difficult. Natural diamonds can cost thousands of dollars. There are also many who have issues with the ethics of the diamond mining industry. For those who want a 100 percent guarantee that their diamond is conflict free; simulated and synthetic diamonds are a good substitute.

Many varieties of simulated and synthetic diamonds have become available including Moissanite, Russian Brilliants® and others. Each offers its own unique flair, but all share similar qualities.

Moissanite, while not technically a synthetic diamond, is a popular diamond substitute, though it doesn't match the hardness of a diamond. Many also describe Moissanite as having a faint yellow/green tint which increases in visibility with bigger stones. Moissanite is also doubly refractive, creating a strong visual effect known as birefringence, which acts on the stone's back facets, creating a drunken or blurred image. In addition, Moissanite has 2.5 times the dispersive power of a natural diamond. This creates what is referred to as the disco ball effect. Some think the excessive fire is beautiful, while others think it makes Moissanite look fake and cheap.

Unlike Moissanite, Russian Brilliants® is a simulated stone whose properties most closely resemble those of a natural diamond. In addition to being cut and polished by hand to ideal proportions, these simulated diamonds display a D-E color and VVS clarity. Russian Brilliants® are singly refractive and have no rainbow consequences as seen in other diamond substitutes.

When searching for the perfect diamond, many have expressed concern about political and environmental issues associated with the diamond mining industry. Popular culture is backing away from buying diamonds where the revenue was used to stockpile weapons and fund civil wars against several African governments. Synthetic diamonds and Russian Brilliants® are both very practical and ethical solutions to those looking for a diamond substitute. Synthetic diamonds are similar in price to natural diamonds. Russian Brilliants® on the other hand, are not only practical and ethical, but also economical. No longer do you have to worry about losing that expensive piece of fine jewelry while out for a fancy dinner or on a business trip or vacation. Much of celebrity culture sports these stones everywhere they go and chooses them over their natural counterpart. Even up close the difference is virtually non-existent. Many are turning away from natural diamonds for these reasons.

By choosing Russian Brilliants®, no longer do you have to worry about all of the environmental and political issues that plague the diamond industry. Now you can get a beautiful stone that is both eco-friendly and easy on the pocket book.

Below you’ll find a price comparison chart between earth-mined diamonds and Russian Brilliants® lab grown simulated diamonds. The comparison is based on using the same precious metal setting and similar clarity, cut and color.


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1 Carat
1 Carat


Solid 14k Gold
Solid 14k Gold
$13,000 - 16,000
Cartier Style Ring Set With Lab Grown Simulated Diamond
Save on Lab Created Simulated Diamonds




















"He handed it back to me and said "Young lady, do you have any idea the value of this ring? It is an exquisite stone and I really hope your fiance has had it insured..."
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Russian Brilliants® are the Best Synthetic Simulated Diamonds - Natural Looking & Economical

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 What Customers Say about Russian Brilliants®

We absolutely love the ring. It's so beautiful. We can't thank you enough. And thank you for the added personal touch in your provision of customer care, knowing the ring, telling us about the craftsman, sharing in our excitement as we waited to see it too, etc...
It was a such a great experience all the way around. Everyone who sees it comments on how beautiful the stone is, as well as the uniqueness and beauty of that particular solitaire setting. So thank you and just know that we are more than just satisfied customers, we are truly in love with your work and intend to call on you again.

All the best!
D.G.& S.S.
, New York

Hi again! I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier.

I ran into one of my clients, who was out with a friend, and when I told him I'd just gotten engaged he and his friend looked at each other and shook their heads. He said "I really wish you would have told me" and then introduced me to his friend, saying "this is my best friend for over 40 years and he is only one of the biggest diamond wholesalers in NY City. He would have given your fiance a fantastic price." That being said, his friend gestured to the ring and asked "may I?" I handed him the ring and gulpled as he inspected it in the light. He handed it back to me and said "Young lady, do you have any idea the value of this ring? It is an exquisite stone and I really hope your fiance has had it insured." I just put the ring back on and graciously thanked him, thinking, wow...

Isn't that great? A true testament to your product!


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